The Important Things!

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Yesterday I was chatting with my BFF about the whole USA Today thing (see post below). We were talking about how cray, cray it all is. Well, I was saying it was crazy, she was spouting off nonsense about how well-deserved it is. Yeah, she’s a bit crazy herself, LOL! *wink*

Anywho, it reminded me of a conversation I had nearly a year ago with another incredibly supportive friend, Jen, about my aspirations for the then unreleased Grif’s Toy. I vividly remember saying to her, “If just one person reads it and likes it then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.” What Grif’s Toy would eventually go on to do…well, it was unimaginable to me at the time. Indeed, the number of people it’s touched is nothing short of astonishing. Something I’m completely and totally thankful for and humbled about.

So, as cool as the USA Today thing is—and make no mistake, it’s completely fucking cool—what touches me the most is feedback like this:

[Note: I addressed some formatting with the below—formatting can be a downright pain in the ass—while attempting to faithfully maintain the content/feel of the writer’s message.]

Ok, I’m still marinating in the after glow of what this book did to me.

What struck me about this book was the BDSM relationships. The humiliation was very strong, but it was done so well by the writer that it affected me in a very profound way. I can’t stop thinking that there can be relationships like this. To let oneself feel all of our “hang-ups” and be in the presence of a partner who allows us the medium to feel and grow from the biggest humiliation our life. What a gift that would be. Especially if it’s done—and only if it’s done—with love. The unconditional love shown in this story was staggering; it moved me beyond words.

I feel like a have a treasure in my hands and I have no way to unlock it. A lot of food for thought here.

I can only say this book has opened up something within me that I did not even know It was there.

Amazing writing can move me, but I’ve never experienced this depth of introspection.

So BRAVO to this writer, this was a tidal wave to my spirit.

This! This moved me beyond words. This was my sole desire for Grif’s Toy. Indeed, the one and only desire I had was to write a story (one that’s profoundly personal to me, by the way) that would touch a reader in some way…induce new feelings by the reader. And, perhaps, if I was incredibly lucky, have a reader pause for a moment and consider this particular BDSM kink with a fresh set of eyes.

So, to the author of the above note, you have my most sincere thanks! There’s no way I can convey the importance of the gift you’ve given me, nor the value it holds for me!


P.S. Thanks, Amanda, for the awesome pic…it’s perfect!