Change is da bomb!


Hey Guys!

I know I’ve been quiet the past several weeks, but there’s a fantastic reason behind it: I’ve been sequestered in utter writing euphoria! More on that in a bit…

You know those moments in life, everyone has them, where you’re just tooling along, minding your own business, and something big happens? Something that alters your present course? Something you never—in a million years—saw coming? That happened to me about four weeks ago, and I’m fucking thrilled beyond words.

I’d met Louis Stevens online a few years back. I’d read a few of his awesome books, and we also share a few Facebook groups in common, so I’d bump into him occasionally. A nice enough chap and talented author is the way I would have described him a month ago…someone who I thought of as a very pleasant online acquaintance.

What started out as a rather random FB Messenger chat—one who’s origin I’m not even able to recall right now, but likely born out of some kinky pic or gif—turned out to be exactly one of those ‘alter your path’ moments in time.

Since that wonderful conversation, Louis and I have not only become fast friends, but we’ve also penned a sweet (but naughty), stand-alone novella together, tentatively titled Quillon’s Covert. In addition, we’ve mapped out a completely twisted, taboo series…but I’ll write more about that in another post *winks*.

Quillon’s Covert is now in the hands of our extraordinary beta team, and then it’ll be off to our editor. And, speaking of editors, we’re completely thrilled at the prospect of working with this individual. (I’m not quite sure yet how this potential editor would like to be credited…but yeah, we’re so incredibly stoked.) I’ll follow-up with more details about Quillon’s Covert and release dates, etc. as soon as we have something more concrete. But, one thing we do know is it won’t be available on Amazon…it’s a bit too spicy for their rather vanilla standards.

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my guys, Grif and Wes. It had been my plan to release Wes’ Denial this fall, but you know what they say about best-laid plans *goofy grin*. However, to those of you who’ve sent me ‘kind and patient’ messages and emails regarding its release, please know that the boys’ story is coming…I just don’t have a firm date at the moment.

As always, the depth of my gratitude for your support can’t be measured in words. Y’all continually astonish me, and I couldn’t love you more for it!

Connect with Louis on FB here.


6 Replies to “Change is da bomb!”

  1. Quillon’s Covert is an awesome book from 2 awesome writers!!! Was very happy and humbled to be a part of the Beta Team 🙂 Thank you both so much for the opportunity.
    I am sooooo looking forward to Wes’ Denial 😛

  2. OMG! OMG! OMG! I can’t breathe!!! Finding out you two are co-writing a book is like finding out I can eat all the triple chocolate cake I want & not gain a dam ounce! OMG! OMG!!

  3. You and Louis? Oh this can’t be good, it’s gonna be so bad, in all the very best ways. *rubs hands together *

    Release in October, November?

    Congrats on veering off your path. How very brave of you 🙂

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