GRL 2015 And New Friends


*wistful sigh* My first GRL has come and gone…and the experience couldn’t have been better!

Those who know me in real life will vouch for my insane introvertedness. Thus, attending a convention with hundreds of other people was enough to have me barring the condo door, turning out the lights, and hiding away. Indeed, the only comfort I took was the knowledge that I’d have a wingman (or wingwoman, in this case (love you bunches, Beth)) at my side the entire time. But, when serious family issues arose for Beth, I was left alone…and just a hair away from breaking out the two-by-fours, the hammer, and the nails. Then, luck struck: I got a nasty cold which turned into bronchitis. Yes! *fist pump* Now I had a reason not to attend!

For those outgoing folks (I’m looking at you, Hubz), I get that it’s difficult to understand folks like me. Folks who feel much more comfortable on the sidelines taking it all in…watching the extroverts laugh, and dance, and drink without a seeming care in the world. Those folks who’ve never met a stranger. This. Is. Not. Me. Not that I’m not pleasant enough to be around – once I get to know you. Hell, some folks, perplexedly enough, even enjoy my company, LOL!

Added to my own innate shyness was the whole JLT factor of GRL. People were actually wanting to meet me…to meet Joseph Lance Tonlet. As my new friend Katie would say, “What. The. Fuck?” Yeah, that had me wiggin’ the hell out and about ready to pick up the phone and inquire about Home Depot’s lumber delivery service. (I’ve said it in other posts, so I won’t rehash it here, but I’m forever grateful (and completely dumbfounded) by the support and success of Grif’s Toy and Brothers LaFon. C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E-L-Y! Again, each of you have my deepest and most heartfelt gratitude.)

So, take all of the above, mix together, and I’d nearly talked myself out of attending. Then Katie, who’d I’d met in a Facebook group for the Netflix show Sense8, and I started chatting via messenger. She graciously ended up inviting me to hang out with her and her friends – some of whom I’d met online as well. That single, kind gesture changed not only my GRL experience, but gained me an entire group of new, amazing, real life friends. Katie, Jen B, Jen G, Karrie, Tracy, Lin, Luna, and Mary, I can’t thank you enough for your company, for your willingness to welcome a complete stranger into your group, and for our new friendships. You turned something I was fearing into an absolutely unforgettable experience and I love each of your for it!

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  1. Love you Joe! You made my GRL something to remember too. I don’t have the words to express how glad I am that Katie found you and pulled you into our group. Thanks for driving us crazy women around and putting up with us. Big hugs!!

  2. You are the amazing one and I am happy to call you my friend. You let this shy girl from Illinois have fun and feel like part of the “cool kids” for a few days. I look forward to next year and many laughs between now and then.

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