“For Real” by Alexis Hall



So, before I say anything, let me throw out my standard disclaimer: I’m shit at writing reviews. Like total shit. Thus, it’s best not to even think of this as a review. Yeah, look at it as some random words on a page…ramblings, if you will.

Gah! This fucking book was amazing. Simply and completely amazing!

  • It’s my first read by Mr. Hall – and considering his back catalogue, I’m very likely late to the party – but it won’t be my last.
  • Yes, I do espouse my love of ‘darker’ reads – quite fervently and frequently – and this book certainly does not fit into that category. Sure, the fundamental elements are that of a D/s relationship, but it’s totally on the sweet side of BDSM. So, for those whose tastes are generally lighter than mine, have no fear, this is a love story at its finest.
  • The thing that struck me most – aside from the fucking brilliant writing – was the way reading it made me feel. Stepping back a second, it’s no secret that I’m a submissive in a self-styled D/s relationship. And, to that end, I do enjoy a good D/s story. However, For Real far surpasses ‘good’. It’s probably the best story I’ve read to date describing how I feel as a submissive. What joys are to be had, what fulfillment there is to be found, what contentment I derive from it, and lastly, the unparalleled euphoria that I find in the giving of myself…the giving of my service. Just…fuck, yeah, all of it. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying it is the best. But what I’m saying, from a personal perspective, it’s the best I’ve ever read. It hit me the hardest, it felt closest to home, and it touched me deeply in a very pleasant way.
  • The Lemon Meringue Pie scene – Jesus, that goddamn beautiful scene alone makes the entire fucking book worth reading. And it’s just one scene of countless others. And the story is peppered with small lines like, “Thank you for allowing me to kneel for you,” that simply tear at me in the most satisfying way. ~shakes head grinning in recollection~
  • If you’ve ever wondered what some submissives (certainly me) find gratifying about the choices they make, ya gots ta read this book! Fuck, dude, so good! Hammer/Nail/Head

In closing I offer my most humble thank you to Mr. Hall…For Real is a ride I won’t soon forget!


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  1. Well if that ain’t a grand endorsement. I LOVE D/s and BDSM, LOVE! I write it, I live it and man, I hate seeing it in books sometimes because… well… sigh… I don’t always feel that I’m roped into a believable dynamic.

    With that said, I’m totally getting this book now. LoL.

  2. I absolutely agree. I read it when it came out in June and, so far, I think it is the best book to come out this year.

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