Thankful / Reconnaissant

I do my best to keep this awesome quote by Oprah in mind everyday. With so much going on in the world, I find taking the time to simply reflect on how incredibly fortunate I am brings a clarity like nothing else. Indeed, I have a wonderful family who I love and who love me in return, fantastic friends (both the ‘real life’ and ‘cyber’ varieties), and this newfound m/m world that I’m so totally grateful to be a part of.

To briefly expound on that last point, today I awoke to find the French translation of Grif’s Toy (Le Jouet de Grif (and why is the title so much sexier in French? LOL)) had went live.

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Your response was…overwhelming, to say the least. I’m…yeah, wow…completely blown away and nearly speechless by your support! And, I couldn’t be more thankful nor more humbled.

To each of you, I wish all the love, all the support, and all the happiness this holiday season holds.