Forced Submissives

Forced Submissives

Originally posted 3/5/2017 at Gay Guy Reading and Friends (defunct website)


Some of my favorite stories, if not all of them, involve a submissive. I say submissive, but that term may not actually be very accurate. Submissive implies a willingness to submit. Indeed, Merriam Webster defines a submissive as someone who is characterized by tendencies to yield to the will or authority of others. However, some of the most enjoyable tales include reluctant ‘submissives’. They’re about characters that bend to the will of another—not because it’s in their nature—but because of their circumstance.

In Antidote, by  Jack L Pyke, the main character is held prisoner, drugged, and is made to undergo a sort of ‘gay reparative therapy’. In Cara Dee’s  Aftermath, several men are held captive and forced to perform for their twisted captor. In Caged, by Bey Deckard, a main character is kidnapped and held in a cage until he accepts his fate. Yeah, these are just a few of my favorite books…and I’m sure you see the pattern here: forced submission.

With Brothers LaFon, I wanted to explore this idea yet put my own twist on it. What if the captive weren’t being physically held? What if the only thing keeping him in place was fear? What if he could jump on his motorcycle and ride to freedom at any time? Only, he couldn’t.

Alex, the submissive character in Brothers LaFon, is terrified; so convinced his brother will kill him if he attempts to leave, that he simply doesn’t try to escape. That single, overwhelming fear not only ensures his continued suffering, but shapes the man he grows into, as well setting the path for the rest of his life. 

Softly, Alex asked, “Miah?”


Alex’s body shook slightly again, and the grip around his older brother’s fingers tightened. “I…I understand. I mean, I g-get it. Please don’t make me…watch another one.”

Miah knew by the husk in Alex’s voice that he was crying. Involuntarily, he shifted his hard cock deeper into Alex’s heat and smiled. The smile wasn’t for his little brother’s tears but rather, for the statement accompanying them. It was the only time words on this subject had passed between them.

The arduous day—the strenuous task—now complete, with his dick buried in Alex’s ass, came the confirmation he’d waited years to hear. Alex got the message; he believed, without Miah ever vocalizing the threat, that resisting his brother would lead to his own demise.

Sure, he could have simply told Alex the same thing. But, showing him—having him witness the blood and pain firsthand of exactly what Miah was capable of—and then making the connection between the dead animal and himself, was so much more powerful.

“I get it,” Alex softly repeated. “I understood after the dog and the fire…two years ago.” He shuddered, his body momentarily stiffening and relaxing. “You’ll k-kill me if…”

Miah was thankful the light was off, thankful the darkness hid his smile. “Okay. You get it.” He yawned before pulling his little brother closer to him. “That was the last one then. Go to sleep, Alex.”

No, Alex is far from a voluntary submissive. He’s a man who has endured years of torment…years of systematic grooming…and has accepted his fate. Or has he? Despite the enormous fear, or perhaps because of the promise of more of the same, will he finally decide to fight past the terror and grab hold of freedom? And what will the future hold if he does?

Read all the tags and warnings…then grab a copy and meet these unique brothers.

JLT =)