ARe Closing and Alternate Marketplaces

Hi everyone!

Sadly, it was announced today, via email, that ARe will be closing its doors on the 31st of this month. Thus, I thought it might be helpful to offer links to the alternate marketplaces where my work is currently available.

As some of my work is considered taboo, particular books may not be found at all marketplaces. Please check my website for an up-to-date list of retailers.

As always, you have my most sincere thanks for your support. I couldn’t do what I do without each of you!

Peace and happy holidays,

P.S. As an aside: My work is not currently, nor will it ever be, enrolled in Amazon KU. I believe all of us – readers, authors, publishers, etc – benefit greatly from fair and meaningful competition. The allowance of publishing control over content, pricing, royalties, etc. to one entity is, in my humble opinion, incredibly dangerous to each and every one of us.