Lost In The Echo by Jack L Pyke


Hey Everyone!

I wanted to share with you Jack L. Pyke’s newest work. As always, it’s effin’ brilliant.

My friends have a nickname for me and my reading habits: PBJ – which stands for Picky Bitch Joe. LOL! It’s okay though, because I freely admit to being picky. So, damn if I don’t just love it when I grab a book and KNOW – without question – that I’m going to be enveloped by the story before I even crack it open. Jack’s work never fails to take me there. And this book was no exception! Amazing writing, a great story, and pain/sorrow/joy I could feel as if I were my own…it doesn’t get better.

Pick this one up, folks, you’ll be glad you did.

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Jack L. Pyke’s Backlash Book Tour

Hi Everyone!

I’m so happy to share Jack L. Pyke’s newsletter regarding the Backlash Book Tour – which begins today! Take a peek!



Backlash Book Tour!

11th-19th Jan 2016

The release day for Backlash (Don’t… book 4) is creeping up fast: Jan 19th. To help celebrate, over 9 days — with 10 stops — we’re going behind the scene to Backlash, with loads of Backlash e-books to win along the way, as well as a paperback copy up for grabs!

It’s great to see Gray and the lads back back in action, and before we start with the book tour dates and what they’ll be getting up to behind the scene, here’s a little look at what’s in store for them between the page sheets, with Backlash’s official book trailer.

Behind the Scene Book Tour

We’ve got so much planned between 11th-19th January! From a deleted scene that looks at how Gray came to work for the Masters’ Circle, to the Raeders’ Corner, where a few a readers question the Don’t… men themselves, the lads are are gearing up for some serious fun over the next nine days!

  • 11th: Prism Book Alliance has a deleted scene, giving the low down on just how Gray Raoul came to join the Masters’ Circle.
  • 12th: The Blogger Girls hijack a few authors who have read the Don’t series, and we see what they’d like to know about the Don’t lads from a behind-the-scenes perspective.
  • 13th: KathyMac Reviews gets all hot under the collar, as I chat to my BDSM consultant, Dilo Keith, and how she came to work on the Don’t series.
  • 14th: Books Laid Bare Boys are talking computer tech and MI5 mystery, as I interview HPStrangelove and look at how Gray’s world is built.
  • 15th: Kimmer’s Erotic Book Banter will set the scene for the Readers’ Corner, where a few readers will doa Q&A session Gray, Jan, and Jack.
  • 16th: Attention is Arbitrary goes a little darker, chatting to Jack L. Pyke’s dark content consultant, Vicki.
  • 17th: Diverse Reader pulls everything together, offerring an extract from Backlash.
  • 18th: Sinfully MM Book Reviews brings in the lovely Lynn Kelling, and looks at how and why her Deliver Us series crossed into the Don’t world, and came to merge into The Society of Masters universe.
  • 19th: Twinsie Talk Reviews is going to take a lighter look at Jan, Gray, and Jack with a character interview.
  • 19th: ForbiddenFiction wraps up the tour at 8-10 PM EST, with an author chat Release Party with me, and I’ll investigate the question that’s already got pre-release reviewers worried: Is that really the end? Be great to see you there!

With each stop, there’ll be a chance to leave a comment at each blog and be in with a chance of winning an e-book copy of Backlash. There’ll also be a Rafflecopter threaded through each blog, where you can enter to win a paperback copy!

Links to each book tour stop will be pasted daily on my website — HERE — so just pop by and click on the links to read and enter!

It all starts today, January 11th! I’ll be there on each tour stop, too, so if there’s a question you’d like to ask, fire away! Be great to grab a chair and talk!

And for subscribers of my newsletter (available at www.jacklpyke.com)…

I’ll be holding a draw for a signed paperback copy of Backlash, with it’s own unique, Masters’ Circle book mark. The draw will be after the tour and the winner announced in a ShoutOut that week!

Antidote: Official Book Trailer

If you’d like a refresher of Antidote, just for a reminder of where the lads are at beforeBacklash starts, the stunning KathyMac Reviews also compiled the official Antidote book trailer! It’s dark and gritty, so be ye all warned!!!

It’s going to be a great tour, and I hope to see you guys there!!!