Erotica And Storytelling

Erotica And Storytelling

Originally posted 12/05/2014 at Sinfully 


Merriam-Webster defines sexual intercourse as “…sexual activity between two people…” However, as adults, we know there’s far more to the act of sex than this simple definition suggests. Sex is messy, and it’s complicated, and it’s sometimes painful. Conversely, it can just as easily be clean, and simple, and joyous. More often, it’s a combination of all of the above – and more.

As an erotic writer, my hope is to convey that emotion-filled mix in my stories. Indeed, I want to take you someplace, sexually, you may never have been before – get you to feel things you may not have felt before. Add in elements of BDSM (particularly D/s) – my personal favorite – and there’s an entirely new range of feelings and emotions to explore.

Grif’s Toy excerpt:

“I cautiously nodded my head. “I’ve never been able to admit it to anyone, but as much as I feared it—did everything in my power to ensure that it never happened—I desperately wanted to somehow be exposed to one of the Grindr hookups and have him….” I broke off. I only had so much courage…could only share so much. 

Wes picked up my thought. “And have him humiliate you?”

Reading BDSM stories – following along as a character encounters something for the first time – can be a heady experience. Why? Perhaps it’s the taboo factor? Indeed, often times the topics explored are considered fringe, and thus, not readily discussed. Subjects such as humiliation and orgasm control can be far outside some people’s comfort zone. But we have the supreme thrill of living out these forbidden adventures simply by turning the page. And if we’re lucky, that ride takes us to places we’ve never dreamed of.

He spoke mildly, but in a tone I’d dubbed early on as his toppy tone, “Every time we make love, we both come.” 

I whimpered, nodded my head, and rolled the tip of my tongue across the pad of his thick finger. Stubby was now fully awake.

With a glint in his eye, he said, “But I’ve got the man-sized dick and you’ve got…Stubby.” 

His free hand edged down my pecs, across my flat stomach, and past my straining dick to take hold of my balls.

I nodded again and groaned as he exerted more pressure on my nuts. My tongue, now with a mind of its own, licked and flicked his finger in earnest. 

“We both know that’s not right, Grif. I have a cock, and you have a toy.”

He slipped his finger from my mouth and slid it to one of my nipples. God, I loved the way he knew exactly how to pinch and tweak them to drive me insane.

His lips moved across my face placing soft kisses on my nose, my eyes, and my forehead while the pressure on my balls steadily increased. I panted.

“So what I’m asking is if you’ll allow me to remedy this imbalance. I’d like to decide what’s reasonable—to decide when Stubby receives, or deserves, an orgasm.”

Of course, for me as a reader, an enjoyable story holds more than hot sex; it allows us to feel what is happening when panting and sweat aren’t the primary focus. When characters open themselves up and allow themselves to be honest, to be vulnerable, that’s when the true connection happens, in my humble opinion. Yes, I enjoy a bit of ‘fluff’ in my BDSM. *wink*

I cupped his cheeks in both hands and asked, “How do you always know exactly what I need? I’ve never felt so close to anyone, or felt more love for anyone than I do for you.” I leaned forward and placed my lips to his. Pulling back I whispered, “Yes, I happily, and with pleasure, give this to you, Wes.”

Sex, reading about it, writing about it, doing it, is a wondrous and wonderful thing. If you choose to accompany Grif on his journey of sexual self-discovery – one that’s altogether messy, and complicated, and painful, and simple, and clean, and joyous – my sincere hope is you’ll experience something new, something thrilling, something titillating, and perhaps something a bit deeper too.

JLT =)