S/M and D/s Stories

S/M and D/s Stories

Originally posted 11/10/2014 at The Novel Approach


I enjoy BDSM stories—like really, really enjoy them. However, more specifically, I enjoy SM/Ds stories. There’s something about the relinquishing of power, particularly when it’s mixed with discomfort, that I find nearly intoxicating.

The source of the discomfort/pain is rather irrelevant; it can be as benign and uncomplicated as orgasm denial, or a bit more advanced like a violet wand or E-Stim/tens units. Either way, bondage isn’t really what trips my trigger…it’s power exchange and the accompanying anxiety when sadomasochism is woven in.

Introduce the above elements into a love story, whose main character is also challenged with ‘smaller equipment,’ and you have Grif’s Toy.

Grif, our protagonist, faces rather substantial emotional hurdles in coping with his smaller anatomy. However, as they say, there’s someone out there for everyone – and our story finds Grif with a choice to make: keep his heart safe and remain a virgin, or place his trust in a rather twisted—but good-hearted and lovable—sadist. I bet you can guess which one he chooses. *grin*

The most important thing with kink, as with most things in life, in my humble opinion, is respect. In the end, Grif, along with every one of us, simply wants to be loved and respected for who he is. It’s one of those common desires which links us all. If you reach for Grif’s Toy, and end up reading it, I sincerely hope you enjoy his journey…including the love story and naughty kink which accompanies it.