USA Today’s Shakir Rashaan

USA Today’s Shakir Rashaan on Grif’s Toy

Originally posted 05/22/2015 at USA Today


Why you should read it: What did I say about my tastes being eclectic? This one definitely had my attention from the first chapter, especially the uniqueness of the story of a man who — gasp — is not well-endowed. This actually had me engaged more than I thought it would; the characters and their journey to happy ever after gave me a front-row seat into everything that went on with Wes and Grif. If you’re a fan of LGBT romances, you need to pick this one up!

Shakir Rashaan lives in suburban Atlanta with his wife and two children. His catalog includes the Nubian Underworld series and the upcoming Kink, P.I. Series. He is also developing projects under the pen name P.K. Rashaan.