Incest In M/M

Incest In M/M Books, by Joseph Lance Tonlet

Originally posted 12/21/2015 at Attention Is Arbitrary 


Incest in m/m, or…

My intent for this post was to talk about incest in m/m – particularly between a father and son. I thought it’d be cool to do a bit of research, compile a list of books, and then talk a bit about them. Weeeell, that was easier said than done.

I researched for several hours, and when I came up sort, I called on several of my reading buddies. And, describing them simply as ‘reading buddies’ isn’t doing their voracious consumption of m/m books justice; these guys devour books like nobody’s business! In the end, I was pretty disappointed when wasn’t able to be come up a list sufficient enough to talk about. Maybe it was the search criteria I was using; the proper keywords can make huge difference. Thus, this is as much a call to action (for your recommendations) as it is a post. Please comment and tell me about your favorite father/son book(s)…I’d love some great stories to add to my TBR!

So, if this post isn’t about ‘incest in m/m’ then what I am going to talk about? Perhaps why Louis and I decided upon a father/son story to begin with.

At the end of the day, my greatest desire with writing is to author stories I myself would like to read. While, admittedly, drifting toward the darker side of the spectrum. Working from that perspective really gets my creative juices flowing and my blood pumping. My second goal is to tell stories that are different. Be that a story about a lovable, under-endowed character, or a psychopath who basically keeps his brother prisoner, or a father and son who develop a rather rare relationship. Yeah, exploring those characters whose motivations and/or desires have a bit of a twist is incredibly interesting. Hence, it wasn’t so much about writing a father/son book specifically, as it was about writing from place that allowed the above to shine through and flourish.

Martin and Marty, the protagonists of Quillon’s Covert, undoubtedly got me pumped. It’s a story about a father and son whose love grows far beyond what’s deemed socially acceptable…but it IS who these characters are. Witnessing their truth unfold itself onto the page was nothing short of thrilling.

His son’s fingers slid down his neck and came to rest on his collarbone, and he stepped closer, their bodies lightly brushing one another’s thighs and groins and chests. “You’ll tell me if…if you’re uncomfortable, right?”

Martin looked into his son’s loving eyes. “I promise, if you’ll promise to do the same.”

God, Martin couldn’t believe he was standing here, touching his son in an incredibly intimate way—and enjoying it—and talking about sex. Talking about the two of them having sex. He didn’t want to say it, didn’t want to ask it, but he had to.

“Son, don’t you feel…like this is wrong? That it’s somehow…perverted?”

Marty shook his head. “I don’t, Dad. I’ve had years to think about this. I know what I want, and I’m sure of how I feel. But, I guess the more important question is does it feel wrong to you?”

Martin wanted to ask if Marty had also thought about his mother. He wanted to ask what he thought it’d do to Allie if they went ahead with this and she ever found out, what it’d do to their family. But Martin knew his son, knew the kind of person he was. Of course Marty had thought about those things, and Martin didn’t feel it was right to make those inquiries. No, if they moved forward with this—and it certainly seemed like that’s what was happening—then they’d each have to deal with Allie in their own individual way. Admittedly, Marty had had years to think about this, where Martin had only had twelve months. But, he’d thought of little else in his quiet, alone times, and he’d come to a decision, a decision he was at peace with. If Marty wanted to move forward, Martin felt he was as ready as he’d ever be, and he’d allow them both to deal with their respective decisions and consciences privately.

When he didn’t answer right away, Marty ran his hands over Martin’s furry chest. “You are the kindest person I know. There’s not a single thing I’d change about you. Not one. Make no mistake, I do love you, and I’ve thought of this moment since I was fourteen. If it ends up happening…there’s no one I’d rather share my first experience with than you.”

Martin considered his son’s words. Did this moment feel wrong? He became a bit more daring and allowed his palms to trace the curve of his son’s ass, and had to admit, nothing felt wrong about that. Before he could contemplate any further, Marty’s last words sunk in; he’d be his first?

“You’re a virgin?” he asked in surprise. “What about the boys you’ve been dating?”

Marty mimicked his dad’s touch and ran his hands tentatively over Martin’s firm ass.

“Kissing. All I ever did was kiss the boys I dated. And not even all of them. I wuh-wuh-wanted to wait.”

Martin’s dick continued to swell and nudged against his son’s. “To wait for me?”

Marty’s shoulders lifted in a small shrug. “What’s wrong with waiting for the one you love?”

As of this writing, Quillon’s Covert has only been available for a few days, yet y’all have showed up in an absolutely incredible way. In fact, the day after it was published you pushed it onto ARe’s bestseller list. Who knows, perhaps other authors will see your amazing support and give us a whole slew of awesome father/son stories. And wouldn’t that be fucking awesome!