The Appeal of Tighty-Whities – Fetishizing Underwear

The Appeal of Tighty-Whities – Fetishizing Underwear, by Louis Stevens

Originally posted 12/19/2015 at The Blogger Girls 


I have a readers’ group on Facebook. I’m not bragging about it, but using it in support of my views discussed in this post. As many members of the readers’ group know, I have an unabashed and passionate love affair with hot guys in white underwear. Does this count as a fetish? A tighty-whities fetish? Well if it does, then I’ll wear that badge proudly.

There are so many kinky and plainly ‘out-there’ fetishes out there, that tighty-whities shouldn’t even feature on anyone’s radar. But it seems it does. So instead of speaking for everyone else, allow me to explain why find underwear so appealing.

Walking around in a mall, or in a parking lot, in the gym or even at church, you are likely to see a hot guy who is attractive to you. If you are anything like me, your eyes will shoot to his package and butt instantly. The eyes, hair, face, jawline, chest…all of that comes after the ass and package are inspected.

Many times (though never enough) you are blessed with finding the hot guy is wearing pants that are just-just too small, or fits snugly around a beautiful bubble butt, and your mind starts racing. There are few times in life that you actually come across a perfect bubble butt encased in stretched pants that actually outlines the briefs. When you do, please appreciate it for the rest of us.

This is the pinnacle of attraction to me. Seeing the outline of the underwear pushing through the pants material is enough to do my head in right there, and force me to sit down and hide a growing woody **goofy grin**

The point is that seeing that intimate part of a person I’m attracted to, knowing that that material is so close to the intimate parts that flash through anyone’s mind when confronted with a person they find attractive, just bowls me over. I want to hold it in my hands, I want to be as close to that underwear as it was to the perky ass that color my dreams.

My writer buddy and insanely talented and endearingly sweet friend Joseph Lance Tonlet has had to pull me back from the brink many times and reel me in, as I tend to go off the rails in exploring my fetishes, likes and damn near obsessions on the page. But thankfully he let me slip this part into our new story, Quillon’s Covert, and I hope you’ll all thank him with me.

Next time you see a hot guy walking in front of you and the outline of his briefs are visible, shoot a prayer to the gods of underwear. We all need more hot butts and tight underwear in our lives.